Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SMOKE by Nigel Bird

It's about time that Nigel Bird released a full-length work.

His new novella, Smoke from Trestle Press, has everything I like about Bird's short stories -- cracking writing, well-crafted characters, and an emotional punch. He's very at home writing about Scotland and has created a rich atmosphere for his characters to fuck up in. 

One thing that's a bit different about Smoke from his short stories is the pacing. This is fast and violent from start to finish. 

But more than that, this is a story with a lot of heart that focuses on the connections between people in dire circumstances. I found myself in particular rooting for Jimmy, whose fighting for his sister's life and for his own sanity. Highly recommended.


  1. Man, will have to move this up my TBR list. Everyone is raving about it!

  2. nigel is a crack writer and i'll look forward to this one. thx for the write up

  3. Nigel will hit every emotion you got in Smoke. Also ring every bell in your head. Polished and perfect read.

  4. brilliant to see this and i appreciate the comments. big thanks.