Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letters from the Egg Carton by Rebecca Bohn

In Letters from the Egg Carton, Rebecca Bohn (better known to the noir community as RS Bohn) has crafted compelling micro fiction that demands multiple readings.

I use the term micro fiction loosely -- this collection leans more toward prose poems. These condensed bursts don't so much tell stories as suggest stories. Every piece invites the reader to create their own interpretation -- to continue the story where she left off, or imagine another route the story could have taken. (Hence the multiple readings thing.)

Bohn also possesses a keen ear for the music of words, which she uses to great effect in both tragedy and comedy. It's this quality that makes Letters from the Egg Carton a joy to read -- she is a true virtuoso with language.

I highly recommend this compact, thoroughly original, and delightfully absurd collection of Bohn's work.

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