Monday, April 11, 2011


By AJ Hayes
We all know Cindy Rosmus as the editor of Yellow Mama, one of the classiest 'zines on the web. We all know she writes hard boiled, kick in the balls, slobber knockin' noir par excellence. 

Some of us don't know however that she can also -- whenever she wants to -- scare the livin' bejeezus out of you. She's got a new one up at MediaVirus Magazine that will stick in your head and make you see things reflected in the window panes at midnight that you really don't want to see. Get your picture taken here

Above is the photo that inspired Cindy's piece. As AJ puts it, guaranteed to make you shudder!


  1. I'm a big fan of Cindy Rosmus. She's a class act.

  2. Definitely--that's one grave, creepy crawler of a story. And thanks to AJ for another great review!

  3. My pal Cindy is a force of nature. And her stories reflect that. The lady never disappoints.

  4. Those sepia-toned photos always look eerie. Go, Cindy, go.