Saturday, April 2, 2011


By Kaye George

Wayne Anthony Conaway fits the grit into a literary tale effortlessly. Even though his story, "Intellectuals in Bubbatown," was published in a Canadian literary magazine, it would sit comfortably on the pages of any noir publication. It takes place in Houston, just down the road apiece from where I live, in the good old days of the oil boom.
Follow this link and see if you don't agree with me:

He himself calls this story humorous in his blog, but it's decidedly dark humor. Just the kind I like! I wish I could find some more stuff by him.


  1. Thanks for popping in, Kaye. I'd never heard of Mr. Conaway--good call.

  2. Serendipity! Just after I read that you were looking for new writers, I got an invite from linkedin and found Mr. Conaway.

  3. Two things leaped out at me from this story: One, Mr. Conaway has the best ear for Texas dialect since Dan Jenkins. Two: When I was in San Antonio a while back I read on a plaque on a wall by the bar in the Hotel Menger that Oscar Wilde had visited that bar back a ways in the century and astounded the cowboys who, to a man, said, "We liked the hell out of the little feller,but you jest cain't understand a WORD he says." If I didn't know better i'd say that this story could have been written by Oscar after he met the Texans. Thirdly (yeah, I know thats three things. Sue me.): That's way too funny a tale for words to express. Thanks for the highlight Kaye. Major fun.

  4. I'm very glad you liked my "Intellectuals in Bubbatown." I've co-written ten business books, but when I do bookstore readings, I find that it's difficult to keep the attention of the audience with business readings. So I wrote a dozen lurid and humorous shorts, just so I would have something interesting to read.

    "Intellectuals in Bubbatown" is the first one I placed. When I get the others published, I'll let you know.

    - Wayne A. "Tony" Conaway

  5. For those of you who wanted to see more of my work: I have a rather creepy short story called "Teddy in the Tree," now up on the Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers site. It's at