Thursday, April 21, 2011


Edward Grainger (aka David Cranmer) has a gritty Western up today at The Flash Fiction Offensive, The Outlaw Marshal.

Mason Doig and the ex-cons are playing high-stakes cards. But Doig's winning a little too often for the Stranger's liking, and when Doig deals from the bottom of a deck, a show-down ensues.

The dialogue flows easily and the action is fierce. What really sold this one for me is the cold-hearted ending. Cash Laramie's Wild West is a real, dark, and merciless place. A far cry from the crap that makes it to the big screen--where the West was fun!

And if you like this one, stay tuned--a collection of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles stories will be released in June.


  1. It is a dark crime western and I'm appreciative of Mr. Barber publishing "The Outlaw Marshal" at FFO.

    Thank you for the review, Chris.

  2. I really dig crime-Westerns, crime-sci fi and other forms of genre mash.

  3. An accurate review of a fine tale, Chris. I was honored to have Edward/David at the FFO. Cash Laramie is a great character and I'll be getting my hands on the book when it comes out.

    Thanks for sharing your words, David!