Friday, April 1, 2011


By AJ Hayes

Joyce Juzwik is a submarine. She patrols the noir scene like one of those old War two U-boats. Sometimes you forget she's there. Don't do that because she never, repeat, never stops working at her trade. 

Each week she launches a flash fiction story on her website that blows the reader out of the water. She's relentless that way. Every week BOOM! She blows up her readers with twisty and twisted stories that cover every genre. All short shots. All deadly. Like a U-Boat. This week's tale is of a forties style PI and family and treachery.  Her sub base is located here.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, AJ! That's a fine story you recommended--I love that retro style.

  2. Yeah, Joyce is a splendid writer. I need to get up to date with her stuff.

  3. Joyce is not only a brilliant writer she is a wise and perceptive woman. I am grateful to count her as a friend.

  4. Glad to see Joyce getting some attention. JOYCE, if you're reading this -- be sure to catch my interview with Spinetingler this month. You'll see.

  5. great to have the recommendation, but what a review style, Aj...Joyce Juzwik is a submarine, blooming brilliant

  6. Please forgive the lateness with my responses, but as we all know, life can get pretty nutty.

    Chris, Thanks much. I'm glad you enjoyed my story. That one was a lot of fun to write. Believe it or not, I did a lot of research for it too, and it brought me back to stories and novels I haven't read in a long time. It was good to go back to enjoy them all over again.

    Paul, Thanks for your comments and encouragement. They are greatly appreciated.

    Richard, As always, I am grateful for your comments. You are an amazing talent and a gracious and supportive friend.

    Steve, Thanks so much. Glad you enjoy my work.

    Matthew, Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoy my little tales. What's this about Spinetingler? I'm constantly in there anyway, but I'll be on the special lookout for your interview.

    Nigel, Hope you enjoy my stories. AJ made my year with his review!