Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Friend of the blog Sandra Seamans is bringin' it over at Shotgun Honey with the action-packed Brotherly Love. This is one unusual diner and a pair of nasty criminals dishing out just revenge... do I mean just as in justice or as in only? Hmm... definitely one of those... 

But don't stop there--I was browsing through ye olde archives at Beat to a Pulp and found this gem also from Ms. Seamans, Brothel Justice

It's a delicious, sci-fi-pulp romp through the Milky Way's red-light district. Elaine Ash sums this up nicely in the comments: "Oedipus in space! Feminist noir!" 


  1. Sandra is flashing it hard at Shotgun Honey. I hope folks get over there and take the time to leave a comment.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the kind words, Chris! And David and Paul! You guys are too kind.

  3. Sandra's stories rise fast as a nuclear fireball. Talk about getting out of the gate! She jumps on you like a jaguar and don't stop slashing until she's done . . . and so are you. "This is my other brother, Darrell" came to mind. Cool.

  4. Sandra is the best! Thanks for the tip Chris!