Sunday, April 3, 2011


By Jenni Conner

DV Berkom takes her readers on a suspense-filled race across Mexico with her heroine, Kate Jones, in her new novella, Bad Spirits. Kate always manages to get herself in so much hot water she could boil tea! The story, ending on a cliffhanger, makes the reader want to move into the next part as soon as they can download it. Written in the clever style of the old serials there's a twist, turn, and gun shot around every corner. 

Bad Spirits takes place in Mexico with Kate trying to escape a well-known and menacing drug lord. The fact that she lightened his money stash is an even better reason to get out of the country. You won't be disappointed in the read, but you will be hungering for more. And good news...Books To Go Now is where you can find them.  Part 1 of Bad spirits is available as a free download on the Android Marketplace.

Here is the blurb on the book: 
Kate's life plans didn't include being the girlfriend of one of Mexico's most ruthless drug lords. 

Now, getting out is her only chance. With a bag full of dirty money, her life has become part of the stakes. 

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