Monday, April 18, 2011


Matt McBride is one of the meanest writers out there and two of his recent stories are prime examples. Over at Yellow Mama, he's got a scorcher of a classic gangster tale with Hard Luck Dance

The Boss wants Benny Tulips (who got his name cause he once force-fed a guy flowers) and Fancy go to rough up Donnie the Repairman. This is crime fiction, so things go wrong. 

McBride's got another one in Kung Fu Factory, Red Donkey. I made a note never to go to this bar. It's the kind of place where badasses beat the shit out of each other. Both highlight McBride's adrenalin-fueled style and are well worth checking out.

Also in the sticky pages of The Factory is I Don't Fuckin' Care About Nothing by Jimmy Callaway. Johnny Frigidaire and vigilante ass kicking! Easily one of the funniest goddamned stories I've ever read. So go forth and enjoy!


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  2. I agree, Chris. KUNG FU FACTORY and Mr. McBride's story are tops.

  3. Matthew don't know how to write a bad story. That's proved out by his inclusion in the top echelon of the Story South Million Writer Finalists. Makes a chainsaw play Vivaldi.
    Callaway is Callaway. Hates everything and everybody but will go a hundred miles out of his way to help someone who asks him for it. Been on his work since "Dickie Gets A Shot." (you'll have to ask him how long ago that was. I ain't tellin') And he's never written anything that wasn't a privilege to read.

  4. Wow, can't believe that was one of McBride's first stories. It's really smooth.

  5. PS I haven't read all the stories (more than half thus far) and am looking forward to Mr. Callaway's offering.

  6. Rhatigan, you silly bastard. Thank you for your warmth and compassion.