Thursday, May 12, 2011


By Paul D. Brazill

The Flash Fiction Offensive has some whipcrack stories, some short sharp shocks, some sick stuff, some dark comedy. And Soliloquy and Whatnot by Chad Rohrbacher is all of the above.
It was the title that pulled me in by my lapels and a damn good title it is too. And it's also a damn good story about a couple of low lives in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But it’s the writing that excels, here. The telling of the story is what makes Soliloquy and Whatnot a classic piece of crime black comedy.It's perfectly pitched flash fiction, is what it is.

It’s about a year and a half since I first read Soliloquy and Whatnot and it’s stayed vividly  in my drink addled mind since then.
And if you pop over to Chad Rohrbacher’s tasty blog you’ll find links to more of his top stories.


  1. That's a flash fiction clinic right there. Good call, Paul. Hilarious--dark comedy through and through.

  2. Just brilliant, that's all it was, brilliant. (I expect that every one of us who leaves a comment will be just bustin' a gut to use those two words in our responses. I know I was. I won't. But I feel them gnawing at me.)

  3. Chad is a damn fine writer. I have him coming up in a few weeks at BTAP with an extaordinary story caled "I See Black Light."

  4. Chad's good, man. Thass all there is to it. "Pirate in the afterlife" alone is snort coffee out your nose funny. And that's just half of one line. Cool beans, Mr.R. Just the right everything.

  5. Yeah -- it's a badass. Funny and everything ties together -- good call by Mr. Brazill.

    I don't know where all the comments went. Guess Blogger ate them.

  6. Yeah on the Blog-pocalypse. Sites were droppin' down fast as a cheap hookers thong.