Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gone Bad is 18 ball-busting tales of nefarious and otherwise unseemly deeds from the warped mind of Julie Morrigan.

In an interview, she gave a three-word description of this collection: "sweary and violent." I agree. And that's how I like my fiction.

At times hilarious, at times wrenching, and always moving at the speed of a cheetah on crank, this is a fun and freaky read. Each story is about (or at least includes) someone who's gone bad--thieves, rapists, murders, tranny-beating arseholes, etc. They're all there and ready to make someone else's life a living hell. Morrigan's also got a gift for the ironic ending, which she uses liberally and to excellent effect.

This is the first book I bought for my Kindle (yay!) and it's a great find--99 cents well spent.


  1. Thanks so much, Chris - you're a gent! (And so's PDB!) :)

  2. That huge whirring noise you hear is me leaping off the couch, grabbing my kindle and flash ordering my copy. (You see I have to do this quickly, before Julie changes names again )
    Cannot miss this one. Thanks Chris. And Charmin' Julie . . . you rock!

  3. AND I now own your BOOK!!!! Yea!

  4. Thanks, Glenn, you're a pal!

    Aj - thank you! I hope it doesn't disappoint. (If it does, let me know and I'll pop up again in a few weeks as somebody else and try again. ;p)

  5. Thank you, AJ! I hope you enjoy it. :D