Sunday, May 8, 2011


Pablo D'Stair's this letter to Norman Court is a novella that he's releasing in short sections on various blogs. (Click that link to see where he's been and where he's going.)

He started over at Nigel Bird's Sea Minor and today he's at Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine with part six in the series.

Not only is this a fresh idea in how the piece is released and read, but it's a brilliant work. What sets D'Stair apart is his distinctive voice. While many writers these days (including myself!) are tending toward short, clipped sentences, he writes languid, flowing sentences, connected by a lot commas, unafraid to mimic his narrator's strange thought patterns.

The plot is deceptively simple and filled with mystery--not the "whodunit" kind of mystery but the "what the hell is really going on?" kind of mystery. He builds a quiet yet furious intensity, and by the end of each chapter I found myself desperate for more.

He'll be here on Wednesday with Part 7 (the first fiction published at DBK!) and I'm proud to be hosting.


  1. It is a great idea and a fantstic piece of work so far, Chris. I'll pop over to Bill's gaff and be back here on Wednesday. Nice one, mate.

    (Thanks for the follow)

  2. Thanks so much for this post, Chris, and for agreeing to host--you're good at flattery, as well I have to say. This project has been met by such fantastic and enthusiastic folks I'm really feeling spoiled rotten. Just want to say that (at least as of this moment) there are four slots out of the twenty two still open for hosts if anyone is interested--one rule is I'm not allowed to solicit anyone in particular, but as the list is filling I thought I'd mention it casually here that it isn’t full up yet, just in case.

    Again, my thanks Chris (and to everyone reading, hosting, following). Cheers.

  3. I hope Pablo releases the whole thing as an ebook or in print at the end. Nice to read it all together although this is fun too.

  4. I agree, Patti. That would be awesome.

  5. I started this literary scavenger hunt from the beginning. Great fun. Great read. Echoing Ms. Abbot and Chris'es wishes. Cool.

  6. i'll be back tomorrow. i need my fix.