Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So according to Nigel's Bird's blog, there's an excellent bargain on the ebook front. From Mr. Block's Facebook page:

'E-book price break! The following titles have been dropped in price and are now widely available for $3.99: April North, Campus Tramp, Candy, Carla, Community of Women, Gigolo Johnny Wells, Random Walk, The Specialists, and Such Men Are Dangerous. This is an experiment, so the price may go back up again. I'm just sayin'. . .'

As Nigel said, by supporting this we can send a message to publishers that, yes, lower prices do sell more e-books. So check it out!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Chris. Hopefully they hear the message and take action.

  2. Headin' out right now Chris. Geeze a guy goes to Vegas for three days and all hell busts loose. Thanks Buddy.