Monday, December 26, 2011

Five You Can't Miss: Jane Hammons

Jane Hammons is a seriously talented writer who pops up at places like A Twist of Noir and Shotgun Honey. She won a Derringer Award last year and she joins DBK today with five stories from this last year...

Sea Shepherds, Matthew Funk 
Pulp Metal Magazine, 02-05-11
The opening line--"In her first Gulf shore night’s dream, her womb held an ocean"--held me in its grip and never let go. Sticky wet erotic deadly: what more do you want? If I have to experience death by monster, give me the Deep One. 

The Perfect Day, Patricia Abbott 
All Due Respect, August 14, 2011
I have a love-hate relationship with stories about children in danger. I always want to rescue them and know I can't. The realism of this story is deadly, the children perfectly drawn. The way I felt when I finished reading lingered with me for a long time.

The World Is Made of Candy, Heath Lowrance 
Pulp Metal Magazine, 11-12-11
A psycho blend of Shirley Jackson and Kurt Vonnegut. It is relentless. It reads like an anxiety attack.

There is A Lake in A Wood, Ian Ayris 
Powder Burn Flash, 02-07-11
The music of this (and I don't mean the Banana Splits ringtone) is hypnotic. It's a story as much about the atmosphere Ian creates as it is about the crime.

Heat of Passion, Kathleen A. Ryan
A Twist of Noir, 02-14-11
The dialog in this story snaps and sizzles; the plot twists. And there's a "bimbo-basement dilemma" you should be aware of. A great "cop" story.


  1. That's excellent company, Jane, thanks a lot for the kind words!

  2. Thanks so much, Jane. I nearly didn't send that story out because the crime in it was peripheral. Glad I did now.

  3. Thank you, Jane, for including HEAT OF PASSION among your five faves ~ I feel so verklempt! What an awesome honor to be included with such fabulous writers. You've made my day (and month, and year!). I loved writing it ~ it's one of my personal faves, too :-)
    Thanks, Chris, for posting Jane's list!
    I'll be tweeting & FB'ing this post :-)

  4. Thank you for setting my name up on your marquee, Jane. To be esteemed by an author of your talents is as much a thrill as it is an honor. I'm also pleased as punch to see some pieces I've highlighted myself. As for those I haven't, it'll be an additional pleasure to discover them.