Thursday, December 8, 2011

Five You Can't Miss: Sandra Seamans

Sandra Seamans is a short story writer whose excellent work has appeared in almost every crime publication out there. She also runs the blog My Little Corner, an invaluable resource for writers, and is here today with five picks from 2011.

Now these are only five of the finest out there – Happy Holidays to all.

1.  "Melanie" by Edward A Grainger
This was one of those stories that just pulled at the heartstrings and had you cheering for the hero at the end.

2.  "6/8" by Trey R. Barker
With this story, it was the writing that stuck with me, the pure beauty and poetry of Mr. Barker's words.

3.  "Veronica" by Doree Weller
From beginning to end this story did nothing that I expected it to.

4.  "Why are Mommy and Daddy Fighting?" by Eric Beetner
With this story, Eric puts you into the mind of a young boy and you feel yourself sitting beside him in the dark, holding your breath.

5.  "The Uncleared" by Thomas Pluck
You don't expect a happy ending when you start reading this story, but the ending still slaps you in the face and leaves you reeling.


  1. Thanks for this list Sandra...I've only read a couple of them, so I know I have a treat ahead of me.

  2. Thanks for posts like this. It's a neat way for readers like me to find new authors. Good job.

  3. Sandra, Trey's 6/8 would definitely be in my top 5. The first time I read it, I knew there was no way we'd pass on publishing it.