Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five You Can't Miss: Paul D. Brazill

Paul D. Brazill is a funny guy, a great writer, and one of the best promoters in the biz. He's responsible for the Drunk on the Moon series from Trestle Press about that werewolf PI Roman Dalton and has a new collection of stories out called 13 Shots of Noir. You can always find out what he's up to over at his blog, You Would Say that, Wouldn't You? Here he is with five from 2011...

I've decided top go with five writers that I read for the first time in 2011.Here we go 2,3, 4...

- Jelly Babies by J J Toner. (Noir Nation : A mundane fishing trip turns into a work of dark noir in the hands of this up and coming Irish writer.

- Pit Stop by Les Edgerton (Noir Nation: A recent parolee decides to quit town. Just like that. A slice of real life from  a writer described as a cross between Eddie Bunker and Charles Bukowski.

- Freedom Day by Josh Stallings. Stalling's Moses McGuire is a great creation and featured in two classic hardboiled crime novels this year. Freedom Day is a great introduction .And I was dead pleased to have it debut at my blog:

- The Peeper by C J Edwards (All Due Respect:
All Due Respect has been constantly excellent since its inception and Edwards' story is a gripping and dark  modern slice of noir that personifies the tone of the magazine..

- Black Eyed Susan by Thomas Pluck (Powder Burn Flash: Flash fiction suits online reading more than any other story form and Thomas Pluck- who came out of nowhere to be everywhere- shows us how it's done.Pow!


  1. Ohmygod! I am so fricking honored! Thank you, Mr. Brazill! You are my hero and to have you think I wrote something worthwhile absolutely makes my year! I hope you heard me scream... My neighbors did and now I expect the petitions to start going around again...

  2. Awesome, stories and webpages. Great job Paul.

    Jeanette Cheezum

  3. Fabulous choices! Interesting how certain names are appearing quite often!! I wonder yes..there's some extremely talented writers out there!

  4. Great choices. And since I've signed on to Brian's short story a day for a year contest, a great place to start is this list. Thanks Paul.

  5. Whoa! Brazil brought the Wild Bunch to town! EEEEEha! Can't argue with that group. Cool.

  6. I am thrilled to be included with such awesome company! Thanks Paul.