Thursday, August 25, 2011

E-book Bargain of the Week: Beat on the Brat by Nigel Bird

Nigel Bird screamed onto the crime scene with his story "Beat on the Brat," winner of last year's Watery Grave International competition.

And with good reason. It's a sharply written tale about the cost of loyalty expertly told from multiple perspectives. "Beat on the Brat" also highlights Bird's aptitude for writing hardboiled stories that are simultaneously moving and emotionally complex -- no easy feat.

One of my favorites here is "Back to Black." This nuanced short takes the reader to the back alleys of Tranent and gets inside the mind of a child molester who has returned to his hometown. Bird's gift for creating sympathetic characters is on display here and at the end, I can't help but feel bad for the bad guy. 

"Dance with Me" is one I hadn't seen before about a bounty hunter and a criminal linked together by handcuffs at JFK. It's punchy and funny with a good twist.

This is Bird's second well-crafted collection of Brit Grit stories this year. Check it out for only 99 cents on Amazon.


  1. It is a great collection. I also partucularly enjoyed Hoodwinked. It's another story that has a nice, gritty story but also challenges the reader with the actions of the sympathetic characters. Nigel is great at that.

  2. any book with a Ramones reference in the title has got to be worth a punt...

  3. during a week of loss, it's lovely to have pick me ups like this. many thanks.

  4. Hoodwinked is one of my favorites, too. Who puts a falcon in a crime story? Nigel Bird, that's who.

    I expect that story will be making an appearance in a future ADR anthology...

  5. He's the best. And I am very concerned to see he's saying it's a week of loss.

  6. I second Patti's concern. Nigel is a remarkable writer and a special human being.