Monday, August 15, 2011

PULP INK is live!

PULP INK is out now on Amazon and Smashwords. And check out the brand new PULP INK blog

Sure, I could blather on about it, but here's the legendary Julie Morrigan (of GONE BAD and CONVICTIONS fame) with a review that made my heart skip a beat... or was that a clogged artery? 

In any event, here she is.

Pulp Ink is a gutsy, gritty collection of twenty-four twisted tales from some of the finest crime writers around.

Told with attitude, passion, and panache, these are stories about the morally ambiguous seedy underbelly of modern living, featuring hitmen, thieves, rapists, psychopaths, murderers and whores. From the first - Reed Farrel Coleman’s brilliantly brutal "Requiem for a Spider," to the last - Matt Lavin’s unsavoury, unsettling "The Only One Who Could Ever Reach Me," every story in this collection is a gem: multi-faceted, perfectly cut, and polished to perfection.

Pulp Ink may explore familiar territory: revenge, lust, greed, murder, betrayal and downright stupidity, but it does so unflinchingly and in its own indomitable style. Whether the sharp, dry northern noir of Paul D. Brazill or the sensual and deadly dark lyricism of Richard Godwin, the violent Old Testament-style retribution of AJ Hayes or Matthew C Funk’s bloody tale of perverse family ties, every one of these stories punches its weight.

Pulp Ink shines a light on the side of life we choose to ignore.

This is one of the best collections of short fiction you will ever see. Grab it now: Pulp Ink is ready to thrill, chill and entertain in ways you never thought possible.


  1. I down loaded a Kindle copy of Pulp Ink earlier this morning and I'm looking forward to sampling the stories. It looks cracking and many congrats to all involved.

    Best, Alan.