Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brit Grit by Paul D. Brazill

Like many in the crime fiction world, I've been following Paul Brazill's work for a while now. He always delivers funny, dark, tightly structured crime stories that leave me wanting more.

His new collection from Trestle Press, Brit Grit, is no exception. It's simply Brazill at his best.

Classic PDB characters stroll on stage here like Kenny the Cokehead in "A Can Short of a Six Pack" and "The Sharpest Tools in the Box" and alcoholic PI Peter Ord in "The Night Watchman." Brazill's knack for mining life's absurd moments (as he once one put it) is on full display here, as is his razor sharp dialogue.

"White Ink" is a prime example of both those abilities -- a horny, drunk loser is trying to use whatever charms he has left on a hot librarian. Both are out for a night of fun, though what they interpret "fun" as is, uh, different.

Nine tales from the noir master for 99 cents. Check it out on Amazon or Amazon UK.



  1. Thanks for that! Glad it tickled your fancy!

  2. Tickled my Kindle you mean, Paul. Downloading as I speak. There! Now for the other animal based series abouit an early, feathered spaceman: Duck On The Moon