Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My TBR List

First off, a stellar review of Pulp Ink over at Crime Fiction Lover.

Next, here's what I've got coming up here along with my TBR list (also, I'm currently reading MANIFESTO DESTINATION by Alec Cizak)

Upcoming reviews:
THE CHAOS WE KNOW by Keith Rawson
BEAT ON THE BRAT by Nigel Bird
KILLING MUM by Allan Guthrie

DRUNK ON THE MOON, installments 2-4
D*CKED (anthology)
DEADLY TREATS (anthology)
WARMED AND BOUND (anthology)
MAYHEM by R. Thomas Brown

Hmm... think that's about it. What are you all reading now?

1 comment:

  1. Finished Mayhem. RTB can sure write some goood stuff.
    DOTM: everybody's favorite hairy hand grenade named Roman.
    Re-reading my guiltest pleasure. Simon Greene's nightside series.
    Plus a to be read Now! stack about two electronic feet tall.
    And as they say, a cast of thousands in the wings.